Shawn kerivan


Vermont author Shawn Kerivan has been creating unforgettable characters and stories for more than 20 years.  He has published dozens of short stories and nonfiction articles, written columns for newspapers, and published several books.  His first book, the short story collection Name the Boy, was published by Dan River Press in 2007.  A second edition was published by The Vermont Press in 2013. Name the Boy is available in a Kindle edition, as well as a Nook edition.

Shawn’s second book is the hybrid memoir Creative Writing in the Real World: A Reader for Writers. Providing examples and reflections from a writing life, Creative Writing in the Real World offers a frank inventory of a writing life that can be used as a teaching tool, or enjoyed as a stand-alone work. It’s available here from New Plains Press.

In 2014, The Vermont Press will publish Shawn’s next book, A Brief History of Innkeeping in the 21st Century.

Auberge Books published an early novel written by Shawn called Iago’s Fool. Shawn wrote this adventure/thriller while living in Montreal in the 1990s. Iago’s Fool is the story of a failed writer who finds himself swept into an international plot to subvert the U.S. government. The strong Shakespeare theme that runs through the book provided the inspiration for the title. Iago’s Fool is also available as a Kindle download.

Shawn is a dedicated teacher. Since 2006 he’s taught composition, creative writing, journalism, inquiry, research writing, and technical writing at the Community College of Vermont.  He has also taught the extraordinary students of the Mt. Mansfield Winter Academy in Stowe, Vermont.  Shawn also teaches creative writing workshops throughout the community. 

Since 2000, Shawn and his wife Chantal have been proprietors of a small bed and breakfast in Stowe, Vermont.  The Auberge de Stowe B&B has been their home and their business, where they live and ski with their sons, Seamus and Brendan, their dog Max, and their cat Jimmy Jazz.

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